Corsica from Above


To see Corsica from above the clouds is truly an experience of a lifetime. The clear blue water, rugged mountains, rolling green hills and pristine nature preserves contribute to the island’s nickname ‘The Isle of Beauty’. Coming from Southern California where buildings and cement pretty much rule the land, I was pleased to see that most of the island honored their land by keeping it mostly untouched, as nature intended. We flew from Ajaccio to Calvi at sunset and I don’t think we could have planned a better time or day to have flown. The mountains and rocks were ablaze from the sun, the sea darkened to a deep blue as the last light dipped below the horizon and Scandola’s volcanic red cliffs scattered amongst the Mediterranean felt like something of a dream. It was incredible to see so much of the island and I can’t wait to return to the sky to continue to explore.

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